FAQ Title

Below are answers to the most frequent questions about the Happy Holiday Hour that we’ve been asked over the last 24 years.


Why is it called the “Happy Holiday Hour” when it runs for 3 hours a day?

Good question. Probably because it sounded “right” when we started in 1993. I’m sure some of the volunteers would appreciate a 1 hour long program!


When does the program run?

The program is run during the first week of the July school holidays, from Monday to Friday. We finish up with a concert on the Friday night.


How much does it cost & how do I pay?

Our current costs (as of July 2015) are $25 per child for the full week, or $6 per child per day. Most people find it convenient to pay in full at the reception area on Monday morning.


Is morning tea served?

We do not serve morning tea during the program. If your child/ren are used to eating at morning tea time, please feel free to send a snack with them. We do serve a cold drink, and there is always cold water available at the bubblers.


What ages do we cater for?

The “Happy Holiday Hour” caters for children aged between 5 and 12. We have been known to bend the rules for children who would otherwise miss out because their 5th birthday falls in July. We also encourage children who have participated in the “Happy Holiday Hour” in the past to come back and volunteer as junior staff  once they are over 12 years of age.


Do we run any other programs?

Yes. We also run two other programs, “Kids Can Cook” & “Kids Can Cook 2”. Both these Vegetarian cooking programs are limited to 10 participants from the age of 10 upwards. The first program introduces children to basic kitchen and cooking skills, while the second program focuses on the basics good nutrition.

Watch out for the banner outside the Ocean Shores SDA Church complex, or email us for more info.

We also run a 1hr long program for Children every Saturday Morning at the Church, starting at 9:30am. We’d love to see you and your children there!


Have you seen my child’s jumper/hat/shoes?

We try our best to encourage the children to take their belongings with them each day. Invariably, something always gets left behind in the excitement! If you are missing an item of clothing, please don’t hesitate to contact us by ‘phone or email.  We cater for over 100 children a day, so it may be a good idea to label all your child’s belongings.


Is the Happy Holiday Hour a “Church” program?

Yes. Our programs are all based on Christian principles.


Can I be a volunteer?

Yes! If you have a child attending the program, and you would like to stay and help out, you are more than welcome, but we ask that you “sign in” and out in the book provided. If you need any more information, please send us an email.


If you have any other questions about the Happy Holiday Hour, please email us!